David Helpling - Between Green and Blue
1997, Spotted Peccary Music

review by Terry Wickham

Flawless. This CD will dazzle you. It's serene, moving and exciting. David Helpling has the ability to reach in and tap you emotionally. At times you will feel like you are passing through different levels of existence. Other times you will feel like you are in the jungle, a rain forest or on a mountain. This is potent music.

Helpling creates sound and musical texture that paints pictures. Some of his subject matter is; "Stormchaser," "Alone At The Shore," "Loss Of Words," The Blue Sun," "Emeralds" and "End Of An Era."

Helpling does an impressive job of combining vocal chants, tribal drums, modern keyboard rhythms and piano to take us to a listening paradise. I honestly don't think there are too many people who wouldn't enjoy Between Green and Blue. It's music that carries the flame of heritage and the emotional blood that we all have. Since I received this CD, it has been one of the CDs I listen to the most.




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